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    Triathlon Running Shoes & Apparel - Charleston, SC

    You’ve made it through the swim and bike events, with one more leg to go: the run. You’re exhausted, sweating profusely, and aching all over—but your feet feel amazing, and that 10k is starting to look like 10 meters. You’ve got this. Here at Blue Sky Endurance, our fitting experts will work closely with you to get you the best fitting shoes to help you run and run and run in absolute comfort.


    Running Products

    We offer a wide variety of training and racing shoes to take you to the finish line, featuring high-quality brands including Pearl Izumi, Skechers Performance, ON Running, Newton, and Zoot. We also stock great apparel and accessories for full body comfort and ultimate performance, wherever your shoes may take you.


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    Running Services

    In keeping with our fit-first mantra, before we recommend a shoe, we’ll work closely with you to understand where you’ve been, where you’re going and how we can get you there comfortably. Our fitting process helps ensure you get the best protection and comfort possible for your unique biomechanics.

    Shoe Fitting & Demos

    Your fitting process starts with a brief interview, taking into account your individual preferences, injury history, and training requirements. Then we interview your feet, performing an expert assessment on your feet’s shape, size, arch and barefoot gait. From here, we’ll make the best recommendations for your needs and allow you to try on and try out as many brands and styles as you’d like. While you’re running on our treadmill, we’ll analyze your gait to help ensure you get the correct type of shoe for your unique needs. Comfort is key. If you’re comfortable, you’ll go the distance, and then some!

    Free of charge – just stop in the store to find the perfect fit